Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Not a velour tracksuit insight!

I was half listening to some history program on BBC2 last night whilst trying to do my effing website (grrr) when I happened to turn around and see this amazingly beautiful house on the screen. The owner of the house, an American women was talking about how much she loved the history of it and liked to imagine who would have lived there.... blah blah. I wasn't really paying attention but I was intrigued by her and the house and this crazy American women, so did a bit of googling.

It turns out she is Gela Nash Taylor, the co- founder of the multimillion-dollar Juicy Couture company. (and wife of Duran Duran bass player John Taylor) No way! How did she manage to restore the house so authentically, coming from a company who sells diamante and velour tracksuits?!

Apparently, she was sick in bed one day at her home in California, and reading ‘Country Life’ magazine. She got to the bit at the back with the ridiculously expensive real estate adverts that take up 3 pages or something, and thought. I want that. She rang them up straight away. Imagine?

What a bitch!

It sounds like she has embraced the ‘English Country Lady’ look, and will now "even wear wellies" (only Hunter though darling!)
She says things like "I only use the green-and-cream macaroons in the dining room, and I use the red macaroons in the drawing room."
In another quote she describes her house as "psychotically gorgeous." hmmm.

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