Friday, 15 November 2013

Can't afford the real thing?

Love architecture but know you will never get to live in your dream house? What about a mini house instead to sit inside your own place? As a child I was fascinated by the dolls houses in the Museum of Childhood which perhaps explains why I love these.

I discovered them on this American site The Future Perfect. Which led me on to their own site Chisel & Wood. Each "building" is hand made with strong plaster and can be hung on a wall. I think my favourite are the ones from around the 1920's. Arsenal stadium would be a no-no due to Spurs supporting boyfriend.

Also loving the Curiosity Monkey by Committee below these - just the right side of kitsch and would look great on my new (imaginary) dressing table.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

My new site - almost finished!

I haven't updated on here much recently, or checked out other blogs. I have been so busy trying to sort out my new website. So much so I have been getting face ache - yes really! Have you ever suffered from this?! I think I need to sort out my computer set up - get a new chair and some new glasses.

I have found freelancing causes me to spend more and more time at my computer, and as I'm working from home quite a lot more, I feel I have to get more work done in a shorter period of time and so concentrating a lot harder than I might if I were working for a company in house.

Here is a quick look at my soon to be finished site. I will be taking my blog over to that as well - so I hope you will all follow me over and show your support. I would appreciate any feedback once it's live as well.

Grunge meets Sequins

As a typical Londoner when it comes to dressing, I like to dress things down. Tailoring with boots, pretty dresses with messy hair, and now - sequins with grunge!

The Ashish AW14 collection combines the two, sequined sportswear style clothing with rips and tears, to reveal more sparkle. Coke and Tesco style "carrier" bags and the grunge staple - the check shirt.

More images from IsMental blog.


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