Thursday, 30 August 2012

A favourite of mine: Julie Verhoeven

Illustrator/ painter/ textile designer, whatever she is, Julie Verhoeven is a definite favourite of mine. Oh how I would be able to draw like her. I have some old pictures I pulled out of the Independent Magazine many moons ago, stuck behind my computer. You can tell they are old because the paper has gone that lovely old colour.

I think I had them stuck up at uni, and a few houses after that!

Versace SS09

Tea cups from the V&A

Follow her tumblr for some of the more unusual images going around the blogosphere!

Post Berlin Blues

So the plan was, a group of us head off to Berlin for a weekend of sightseeing, shopping, and one night of partying.

Woops, didn't quite happy like that. I came home empty handed (no shopping) and feeling very rough! But it was worth it!

Night one, I was desperate to try KaterHolzig, and I wasn't disappointed. We were worried, as with most of the good clubs in Berlin that we wouldn't get in, but we made it through the selection process.

You're not allowed to take pictures in the clubs, I guess to maintain an air of mystery about the places and to keep certain peoples integrity intact! The selection process is very annoying but they seem to be able to do that as the clubs will always be popular and they like to keep a good mixture of people in the places.

This was Katerholzig:

from Bonny and Kleid site
from The Vines site
There were loads of little dancefloors and bars to discover throughout the place. You can also go and chill by the river where they have a bonfire and crazy people go swimming.

I got the impression that Glastonbury had got quite a lot of ideas for last years Shangri la from here.

A sneaky, bleary eyed pic of us at Katerholzig:

jim & laura enjoying the views
The next night we tried our luck at Berghain. We queued for ages and eventually got in at about 3.
So how do you describe Berghain? this site UBerlin does it quite well. Suffice to say it is absolutely mental and everyone should go check it out unless easily offended.

Us girls came out saying that it was amazing, but that we would never ever go back there again, only to return the next day after much peer pressure. Once you have your stamp on the Friday, you can get in all weekend, it doesn't shut, it just closes the blinds and keeps on banging the techno.

PS: if you hate Techno, don't bother with Berlin. It's everywhere!

Berghain from Wikipedia
Oh and another place we went to that was quite cool was Club der Visionaire which is where we were subjected to the peer pressure on the Sunday night. It was grubby cool, with lots of party goers that obviously hadn't slept all weekend, trying to feed the nice homemade pizza into their gurning faces. Ha.

picture and more info from here ubspace

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Spots all over my face!

Extending the spots to photographs.

Fairs on the Thames

A funny time of year to be writing about the Thames freezing, however I have just been reading a book by Virginia Wolf, Orlando. In this she describes the Thames freezing over and fairs taking place actually on the Thames.

According to Wiki, "During the Great Frost of 1683–84, the worst frost recorded in England, the Thames was completely frozen for two months, with the ice reaching a thickness of 11 inches (28 cm) in London. Solid ice was reported extending for miles off the coasts of the southern North Sea."

At the frost fairs, there would be entertainment, fairground rides, puppet shows, plays and fires would even burn on the ice.

film still (Anonymous 2011) shows London Bridge and the ice. Image from Daily Mail site.

images from wikipedia

Some other images of the Thames frozen:
1963 - Thames at Windsor from Thames site
the Thames in the 50's from here

Friday, 17 August 2012

Love love love

My sister used to moan at me for saying 'I want this... I want that...' and she is right, it sounds spoilt. But hell, I want this!! where would I wear it? I have no idea. But still.

Image from Nastygals lookbook, found via Kingdom of Style.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Kimono Love

The hippy in me is loving a kimono right now, I like the ones on Arnhem. The images are a bit shit though, considering you are buying online, you can't really tell exactly what they look like, plus you will get stung on customs tax (because they are Australian) before you even know for sure if you like it...

Still, I want one, maybe the browny coloured one on the left.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Patterns by Ruby

Ruby Taylor, illustrator and pattern maker, turns everyday objects into beautiful repeats.

Friday, 10 August 2012

Fanlacer Corsets

As worn by, one of my favourite bloggers, Michelle of Kingdom of Style. I'm guessing if it took her years to find any decent ones, then I'm not likely to find one on my travels. Not that I could pull it off. It looks amazing over the sheer skirt she has worn it with. The best part is the messy crisscross pattern of the ribbons at the back.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Now YOU can have anime eyes..

I'm over watching the Olympics now, I have resorted to watching stuff like this:

Louise Gray for Topshop

I love Louise Gray, eccentric, laid back, bright and colourful. From a distance her collections look like mad, attention seeking art students, and then you get close up and you see a stunning mish mash of colour, print, texture and details.

Below are images from her SS12 Collection.

images from the topshop blog
Here are some first look images via Marie Claire of her collection for Topshop, read more on Topshop's site. There will also be a makeup range, which I expect to be ultra bright and sparkley. Perfect for whats left of the festival season.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Givenchy Bird of Paradise Print

Still love this! Worn with tattoos in Milan, image from Jasmology.
Do you know a man that could pull this one off?

Gerlan Jeans - Slimey

A London born designer, studied at St Martins, has set up home in Brooklyn. Having designed textiles for Jeremy Scott and collaborated with Patricia Fields, She now designs for her own Label. Gerlan Jeans. A very tongue in cheek, fun, printed sportswear brand. See more here. 

Monday, 6 August 2012

Paintaway by Michael Chase

Made in his kitchen sink with acrylic paint, photos taken on his iphone and then manipulated in photoshop. Check out more here on his Behance Portfolio.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Issey Miyake Clutch

The interesting hand/ arm of Alicia of Sea of Ghosts holding a clutch bag from the Issey Miyake Bao Bao collection.


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