Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Sequined Patterns

Sequined embelishment scanned in and manipulated by moi.

Light Changing Wallpapers

Did anyone see this wallpaper in Jaguar Shoes? Looks like they were also selling light up cocktails. I assume its changed now. Maybe not. It's by a Milanese collective called Carnovsky. 

Goth Lace Vs Rave Lace - or something along those lines...

Lace is one of my favourite things to wear, ever. I like the fact that it makes you feel dressed up, but by adding a few things, some boyish shoes or black nail varnish, it stops it from feeling too girly.

There has been a lot of the bright lace in recent seasons, mainly thanks to Christopher Kane. I spotted a River Island laser cut neon clutch on ASOS yesterday. A big nod to Kane. Which do you prefer?

Top Left: Lace Overlay Strappy Dress from Topshop
Katie Shillingtons wedding dress, a write up by someone who hates it here, not me though, I love it, as you can see by this post.
Top right, both from Zara, grey dress, and black dress.
Middle left: dress by Stolen Girlfriends Club
Middle: Leigh Lezark looking hot in lace. From here.
Middle Right: Dress by Lover the Label, image from Jak and Jil, read my post about it here.
Bottom Left: Lace by Pearl Lowe.
Bottom Middle: 1940's lace top and skirt from Etsy
Bottom Right: Ashley Olsen wearing Alexander McQueen, lace ski-pants by American Apparel.
Background lace pattern: Timorous Beasties

Top Left: Lace print vest by Christopher Kane, available to buy on Farfetch.
Top Middle: Coloured lace curtains from Rocket St George 
Top  Right: Christopher Kane dress, see Beth Ditto in it here.
Middle: Neon lace bib necklace and red lace necklace from Etsy.
Middle Left: Lace fabric available from MacCulloch and Wallis.
Middle Right: Christopher Kane SS11, image from Fabsugar.
Bottom Middle: Lace bandeau from River Island at ASOS and Christopher Kane dress worn by actress Chloe Moretz.
Bottom Right: Christopher Kane laser print clutch.

Monday, 30 January 2012

A few pics from my birthday

Started off in new restaurant MeatLiquor,  just off Oxford St. Was actually quite cheap considering the amount of cocktails we had. Service... not so good. Good start to a great evening though! Special thanks to Lewis for actually turning up, and Gemma for entertaining us all xx

Massive Clutches

My brother laughs at me carrying my red leather American Apparel clutch bag around with me, he says it looks like a pencil case. I like it, its comforting, like carrying around a small pillow. Its no comparison to these Reece Hudson bags though, but a lot easier to hold I'm sure.

Turn your presents into Burgers

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Microscopic prints anyone?

From Facehunter got me searching for other bits. The thing below is acetylsalicylic acid or aspirin to normal folk.

The print on the left is from PrintSource website, predicting microscopic print ideas for SS12.

Friday, 20 January 2012

Melting icecreams and Mulberry handbags

I love these adverts, shot by Tim Walker. He must have such a great life creating images like these all the time. On another note, although all these lovely pastels and neons will make the shops look fresh and fun, I can't really see myself head to toe in any of them....

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Naomi Campbell for Pinko

I really like the simplicity of these adverts for Italian fashion brand Pinko. The word pinko is apparently a derogatory word for someone who is sympathetic to communism, although I think, nothing to do with this fashion label... It mentions something on their site about this, however the site is a bit crap and you can't actually read what they are trying to say, well not on my computer anyway...

Friday, 13 January 2012

Sara Cwynar, Artist, Documents on Private Life

I stumbled across Sara who is a New York based artist and Graphic designer via this blog showing images of her work 'Documents on Private Life' Described as a collection of secrets with images from Interior design books, mixed with diaries and photographs.

The work feels very British, the imagery of the architecture and the bleakness of some of the photographs, which is interesting as she seems to be from Canada, and now living in New York.

There are lots more interesting projects on her site and her Tumblr has some inspiring images.

I have also started a Tumblr here. According to my co-workers, that is immature. Nice. What do they know. I think it's a great way collating all your images into one place, that you can access wherever you are and whenever you are in need of some quick inspiration!

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Lucy McRae - Art Director

The boyfriend pointed me in the direction of this website. Lucy McRae is an art director who mixes fashion with technology and the human body to create extraordinary videos and images. Below is a video she directed for Australian Synth Pop band 'Rat vs Possum'

I love the all in one suited dancers, perhaps Kigu should start making them. There are other great short films on the site, I particularly like the Chlorophyll Skin video made for Amsterdam Fashion Week. It has what looks like giant cotton buds stuck onto a human body and then brightly coloured paint poured over.


90's Grunge Revival

All this grunge stuff coming back makes me feel old! Although I do wish I still had my old DM's. Images from Need Supply.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Invitation Inspiration

Been researching hand painted/written invites. Found these on various sites.

Beautiful calligraphy by  Betsy Dunlap, who has a lovely blog here.

Pretty watercolours by Spencer Studio - I wonder if each one is painted? thats a lot of patience.

More of a poster I expect, a big black splodge. Like it. More cool posters by the same people here: Public Release.


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