Friday, 13 January 2012

Sara Cwynar, Artist, Documents on Private Life

I stumbled across Sara who is a New York based artist and Graphic designer via this blog showing images of her work 'Documents on Private Life' Described as a collection of secrets with images from Interior design books, mixed with diaries and photographs.

The work feels very British, the imagery of the architecture and the bleakness of some of the photographs, which is interesting as she seems to be from Canada, and now living in New York.

There are lots more interesting projects on her site and her Tumblr has some inspiring images.

I have also started a Tumblr here. According to my co-workers, that is immature. Nice. What do they know. I think it's a great way collating all your images into one place, that you can access wherever you are and whenever you are in need of some quick inspiration!

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