Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Beautiful Princelet Street

I came across these beautiful images online of a house on Princelet Street, off Brick Lane. Number 4 to be precise. I used to walk down this road everyday on my way to work and try and stare in the windows with not much luck. So it's nice to see these.You can see more on their site.

There is not enough wood in modern homes is there?! I did some more research and discovered that you could buy another house on the street for £2,250,000 (ouch!) Number 19 Princelet Street also looks pretty incredible, built in 1719. The first occupants were Huguenot weavers, much later in 1869 Jewish settlers errected a synagogue in the garden which I think is what is pictured below.

image from thebrimstonebutterfly.blogspot.com
You can read more about this place on this site. The place requires much needed funding apparently to save it, check out their site and donate. Finally, I discovered that 24 has been almost completely rebuilt, see below, an interesting article about it on Spitalfields Life.

image from Spitalfields Life


  1. Amazing post. Can you visit this place?

    1. doesn't look like it unless you hire it out for something! there is a virtual tour on their site though!

  2. i ws actually really fortunate to do a photography workshop in this place. it was an incredible home!! two of my photos from the house are here:

    1. ooh lovely! I like the creepy feel to one of them as well!



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