Sunday, 10 June 2012

Hippy at heart

Whilst creating my Pinterest boards over the last few months, I have noticed a trend... a lot of them are quite 'hippy'. I didn't quite realise this until Pinterest came along and I don't know if I really like it, or rather that I would want to be labeled as one! Also with writing this blog, it has made me realise that if I had more money, I would definitely be wearing more colour. Here are some colourful hippy looks that I have collected along the way.

The hippy/ bohemian look - looks best in the sunshine, not so much London right now. However I am off to Ibiza at the end of the month for the first time! So i will be getting back in touch with my inner hippy then!

the beautiful Jessica from VintageVirgin
from Spanish Moss Blog

from Spanish Moss Blog
from Bohemian Twilight blog


  1. about time too! I've been waiting for your next blog post. I got tired of seeing my own face. Can you imagine?! Love that blue coat, would drown me though, I'd feel like I was wondering about in a dressing gown. Looks hot on her though.

  2. haha, yeah soooo busy at the moment, I hope it lasts though! xx



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