Tuesday, 10 July 2012

UK Festival Tips

I.e. how not to look like a knob.

So all the magazines these days tell you what to wear to festivals, along with how to shift 2 stone in two weeks, the correct way to fake tan, how to stop cellulite etc but I bet half the people who write that stuff have only ever been to V festival on a day trip or VIP Glasto and stayed in the bar.

(This article was pretty good though in the Stylist. Which one are you?)

As a regular festival go-er this is my list of stuff you should actually take:

If you are going to a festival in the UK this summer, then lets be honest the only footwear you are going to need is a pair of wellies. You don't need Hunters, despite what the mags tell you, just make sure they are comfortable and not to hard to take off (imagine half a field of mud around them and only your other foot to remove them) Also take a fold away waterproof and/ or and fold up umbrella.

Take an across body bag (boob separator!) that is big enough to fit the above in, but not the kitchen sink. Make sure it does up well also, that way you can forget about it.

Take a nice dress, one that has plenty of movement so that you can swish it around when dancing (pockets is an extra bonus) Don't wear a maxi skirt (will get caked in mud/ something else to trip over) or a playsuit (too much hassle in the loos) wear a skirt however, that is long enough to hide a paper cup (to pee in whilst standing - so useful)

Don't take so much stuff that you spend all day moving things around in your tent trying to find stuff.

Take something you wouldn't normally wear, but perhaps always wanted to.

Take something to put in your hair i.e. loads of kirby grips, scarf, hat, etc. Sunglasses (prob not needed for the sun) but make you look a lot better on day 4. A million pairs of thick black tights, thick socks)

Some warm layers, suncream (well you never know) bin bags, loo roll, baby wipes.

Leather Jacket: Topshop £165
Ring: Miss Selfridge £6.50
Cross Body bag: Etsy $35
Lipstick: Mac £16.50
Earrings: ASOS £6.00
Cardigan: ROMWE £83.92 (20% with first order - free postage)
Shorts: ROMWE £19.33 (20% with first order - free postage)
Tiger top: River Island £25
Kirby grips: most chemists/ pound shops
Dress: Rare London £60
Ring: ASOS £15
Artificial flowers to turn into headbands: Withycombe Fair Various prices
Sunglasses: Nasty Gal $40
Essie Nail Varnish £8.45 from NailVarnish Direct
Wellies: Tayberry £25
Scarf for hair: Ebay £3.50

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