Thursday, 30 August 2012

Post Berlin Blues

So the plan was, a group of us head off to Berlin for a weekend of sightseeing, shopping, and one night of partying.

Woops, didn't quite happy like that. I came home empty handed (no shopping) and feeling very rough! But it was worth it!

Night one, I was desperate to try KaterHolzig, and I wasn't disappointed. We were worried, as with most of the good clubs in Berlin that we wouldn't get in, but we made it through the selection process.

You're not allowed to take pictures in the clubs, I guess to maintain an air of mystery about the places and to keep certain peoples integrity intact! The selection process is very annoying but they seem to be able to do that as the clubs will always be popular and they like to keep a good mixture of people in the places.

This was Katerholzig:

from Bonny and Kleid site
from The Vines site
There were loads of little dancefloors and bars to discover throughout the place. You can also go and chill by the river where they have a bonfire and crazy people go swimming.

I got the impression that Glastonbury had got quite a lot of ideas for last years Shangri la from here.

A sneaky, bleary eyed pic of us at Katerholzig:

jim & laura enjoying the views
The next night we tried our luck at Berghain. We queued for ages and eventually got in at about 3.
So how do you describe Berghain? this site UBerlin does it quite well. Suffice to say it is absolutely mental and everyone should go check it out unless easily offended.

Us girls came out saying that it was amazing, but that we would never ever go back there again, only to return the next day after much peer pressure. Once you have your stamp on the Friday, you can get in all weekend, it doesn't shut, it just closes the blinds and keeps on banging the techno.

PS: if you hate Techno, don't bother with Berlin. It's everywhere!

Berghain from Wikipedia
Oh and another place we went to that was quite cool was Club der Visionaire which is where we were subjected to the peer pressure on the Sunday night. It was grubby cool, with lots of party goers that obviously hadn't slept all weekend, trying to feed the nice homemade pizza into their gurning faces. Ha.

picture and more info from here ubspace


  1. Cool to hear you had an amazing weekend! You'll have to go to K17 next time you're in town, although maybe you'd appreciate the fashion there more than the music ; )


    1. Yes I could get some goth fashion tips from the pros ha!

  2. Cool article and even better collection of photos! Well done :)



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