Saturday, 1 September 2012

St Paul's Studios, Talgarth Road

I remember seeing these years ago, stuck in traffic on the Mega Bus! on a long and painful journey to I can't remember where. Blocked it out of my mind. But these buildings stayed. Not knowing that part of London however, I didn't really have any info or the whereabouts to go back and have another look.

I spied these on good old Tumblr though and it all came back to me. I think what made the buildings stick in my mind so much are the huge windows dotted along the front of the building.

Some more investigation shows that the building was designed by Frederick Wheeler (1853–1931) and was financed by James Gunter (an English confectioner, market gardener and property developer) who wanted `specially designed to suit the requirements of bachelor artists and with accommodation for a housekeeper on the lower floor' (info stolen from Wiki)

The buildings are situated close to Baron's Court station, should you want to go have a look for yourself.

image from here

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