Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Outfit posts

I like to think I'm OK with a camera, however, I have never bothered with outfit posts. Partly because a lot of clothes I wear day to day aren't worthy of a post and partly because I don't really like/want to have my picture taken. When I do, they often end up like this, or worse. I bet pro-fashion bloggers don't fall over in their heels as often as I do either.

To see how it's done properly have a look at hugely successful Rumi, below from Fashion Toast.


  1. Hahahaha - I love this post Grace! I wish there were more blogs that showed peoples washing, piles of stuff and a non serious boyfriend taking a picture. So much more realistic! I hope alls good with you, x

  2. lol i love this post and your heels.... even if they are parallel to the floor more often than upright! x

    1. Ha, thanks Erin. I shouldn't be allowed to wear heels ever. Not that that would stop me falling over!



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