Thursday, 3 January 2013

High Street Goth!

So, whilst preparing myself for the New Years party, of which I took no decent pictures. I realised how easy it is to do the goth look these days! Back at school if you dared to wear black nail varnish you were deemed a goth or a worse a greebo straight away!

Now days, you just have to pop into your local River Island and you're done! How the times have changed. Anyway to demonstrate this, I have created the below collage!

Roughly from right to left, top to bottom:

Zara jump suit
Una boots, Miista
Crystal Head vodka
Monki gloves
Topshop necklace 
Topshop cross ring
Monki top
Oasis dress from ASOS
Monki lace top
Bag from
Nasty gal ring
Urban Outfitters top
ASOS cuff
Monki gloves again
Miss Selfridge Dress
Monki ring
Topshop leather lace cutout top
Miista Angela boots
Topshop cross earrings
Free People top

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