Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Alfred Hitchcock and Jeanloup Sieff

An amazing picture shot for (I think) Harper's Bazaar in the 60's. The photographer, Jeanloup Sieff was French and shot mostly black and white images of beautiful women, often nude. He did a lot of fashion photography although was quoted as saying that the clothes were "mostly hideous" with his main focus being the models instead. In this instance, Hitchcock was encouraged to run around the studio with the model and in doing so created this rather humorous image.

I discovered the image through this blog which I have mentioned before on here.


  1. This is gorgeous, such an awesome shot! I love how it still feels quite modern.
    PS: That melting cat GIF totally made my day, I can't stop laughing at it! Hah!

    1. It's fab huh! I also love those style houses in the background!



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