Sunday, 21 July 2013

Marbling Madness

I am mad on marbling at the moment. I have seen it appear online more and more. I had a go at home but never quite got it to work. I bought some marbling inks, which did the job, but I prefer the more vibrant colours that acrylic paint creates. A lot of sites say to use liquid starch to get the paint to float, which is not available over here. I tried powdered and spray - but this didn't do the job. I now have a cupboard full of starch! There are some more possibilities to try so perhaps I will have another go soon.

There is a good tutorial here on how to marble on fabric.

image from here
left image from here plus good tutoral also, right image from here

images from here
I love the marbled leather purse on a favourite site of mine, Scout & Catalogue. 

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  1. The colours are fantastic, I love the wallets x



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