Wednesday, 6 November 2013

My new site - almost finished!

I haven't updated on here much recently, or checked out other blogs. I have been so busy trying to sort out my new website. So much so I have been getting face ache - yes really! Have you ever suffered from this?! I think I need to sort out my computer set up - get a new chair and some new glasses.

I have found freelancing causes me to spend more and more time at my computer, and as I'm working from home quite a lot more, I feel I have to get more work done in a shorter period of time and so concentrating a lot harder than I might if I were working for a company in house.

Here is a quick look at my soon to be finished site. I will be taking my blog over to that as well - so I hope you will all follow me over and show your support. I would appreciate any feedback once it's live as well.


  1. This looks beautiful, very clean & slick, but with some nice personal touches! Looking forward to seeing the finished thing! :)

  2. Wow, it looks so good! I love your choice of color scheme, it's very cooling for the eyes. Has the site gone live yet? I'd love to have a look around!



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