Thursday, 14 July 2011

Pink Kitchens and Green Bathrooms

I love these old 1960's kitchens, there are not enough of them around anymore. I think people really hate them. If I moved into a house with a kitchen like this, I think I would have to keep it. I'm sure what my boyfriend would have to say about it... If the house also had an avocado bathroom suite, I think I would find it hard to get rid as well. Perhaps I would have to live on my own.

This image is from The Selby website, you can see the rest of their house and many more on this site. It's in my top ten best sites Ever.

I also discovered this strange little gem 'Ugly House Photos' which is amazing.


  1. I love this too! I love reading your blog... I always get excited to read it when I see a new post! Thank you! xxx

  2. Thankyou Katie! I'm looking forward to seeing your new site! xx



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