Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Abigail Ahern, house and dog

I walk past this house all the time and always stare in and wonder, 'who lives in a house like that?'
I even googled the address in case anything came up (loser!)

Anyway, today bored at lunch, I went on a favourite site of mine, The Selby. First of all I thought, ahhh she has a Deka. (my Mum has a welsh terrier called Deka) they are brilliant dogs (see below) and then secondly, ah shit no way!... I realised it was the house I always walk past.... what a cool woman. What a house, what a bitch. Ha.

I went on to discover her website and her blog. Love it. Will be keeping an eye on that. Lots of lovely images and beautiful things I can't afford to buy.

Check out the rest of her house here, its well worth it.

pic from The Selby


a pic from her website, like the stripes

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