Tuesday, 6 September 2011

All for the Mountain

As a digital designer for fashion retail, its good to check out what's out there, and this might be one of my favourite sites ever. Its partly due to my love of jewellery, my favourite collection on the site being the 'Sacred Mountain' one. I love the shoulder pads necklace and the sacred mystic mountain ring.

I also love the fact there are so many pages on this site but you want to look at them all. They are so playful and original. Their use of colour, animation and collage is brilliant. It manages to be cool without being wanky.

I also love hand drawn things on the internet, it gives it a personal, unique and friendly touch.

The main negative? trying to find the price of anything and then working out how to purchase it, plus if you want to go back and find a product,  not so easy.

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