Monday, 4 March 2013

Another time capsule!

If anyone knows of any others of this standard, please let me know!

This is the home of Ada and Leon Kagen, who have lived in this house for 57 years in a leafy suburb of Melbourne, Australia.

Their son, whilst studying a bulding diploma, was amazed to find a slide of the family house pop up whilst in an engineering lecture at college. It was apparently one of the first houses in this area to use concrete slabs in it's construction. The house has remained pretty much the same since the 50's and is in brilliant condition - including a notice board in the then teenage boys bedroom. Read more about the family and the house and how it came to be on a design blog here.


  1. That noticeboard is amazing!
    The Parisienne flat is a pretty time capsule with a good story.

    it's a lot dustier than this one though..

    1. yep that one's pretty special, maybe another blog post in that!



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