Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Taxidermy of the artistic kind

I watched a fascinating program last night on BBC4 about Polly Morgan, an artist who works in East London. She uses taxidermy to create hauntingly beautiful pieces of art. Whilst taxidermy has become popular in recent times, seen in most recently refurbished pubs, Polly has taken it to the next level, putting them into surreal still life scenes. She makes a point of using only animals that have died of natural causes, and often gets sent dead pets and wildlife through the post.

The program is well worth a watch. It's interesting how it effects her mentally, disecting animals day in day out, finding she looks at her dogs in different ways sometimes, knowing whats under the skin. She also mentions that some of the animals appear in her dreams, sometimes coming to life whilst she is working on them. She seems like quite a serious person who lives and breaths what she does, I think the photo below if ger is quite a good reflection of her character if the program is anything to go by.

image from here
magpie image from here chicks image from here

My mum will like this one, she collects these boxes!
Polly Morgan - interview here

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