Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Hippy trippy graphic styles

Alan Aldridge is an illustrator/ painter/ graphic designer born in London's East End.
His son is the fashion photographer Miles Aldridge - who I featured here, he also has 3 model daughters as well, one is Lily - who married Caleb from The Kings of Leon.

He is famous for his psychedelic, trippy, collage style images of the Beatles, and created album covers from the 60's and 70's. He is apparently most famous for the picture book "The Butterfly Ball & the Grasshopper Feast" which is a series of illustrations featuring insects and other creatures.

His style is very reminiscent of the Beatles film Yellow Submarine - of which us O'Leary kids greatly enjoyed as on rainy days.

He has more recently collaborated with brands such as Paul Smith and Mac Cosmetics (see below)

This poster for Andy Warhol’s film “Chelsea Girls” was designed by Alan Aldridge in 1966 and features model Penelope Tree. The artist was arrested with the accusation of pornography.

KALEIDOSCOPE by Alan Aldridge

Alan Aldridge for Paul Smith - on right Miles and Alan Aldridge for Mac Cosmetics
From Eye Magazine

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  1. Brains are so weird. I always wonder how different images like this look to their creator than to other viewers.




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