Thursday, 9 May 2013

Praise for my Galaxy

I am completely happy with my Galaxy S2 Samsung phone, it does everything I need it to and costs much less a  month than you know who, plus I have never seen anyone with a cracked screen, have you? Oh well maybe not completely happy. Often it takes a while for Apps to reach the android market such as Vine ( I think it's coming soon?) and the fact you cant buy fun phone covers for it.

Although I notice Society6 now do the Samsung S4 covers but that's not much use for me at the moment. Aaaanyway, I like this one, and I like the work of Sirin Thada. Society 6 is a great way of discovering artists and designers out there. I havent worked out if it's a good or bad way for artists to make money - but it's certainly a great way of getting noticed online. There are all sorts of sites like this popping up. You can get your artwork turned into fabric, cushions, shower curtains, mirrors, and more!

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